Diva (ディーバ, Dība), is the main antagonist of Blood+. 

Vital statistics
Aliases Unknown
Birthplace Unknown
Date of Birth August 4, 1833
Age 173
Family Unknown
Affiliations Unknown
Alignment Unknown
Species Chiropteran
Occupation Opera Singer/Lightning General
Rank Unknown
Abilities Singing,

Enhanced Swordsmanship, Enhanced Super strength Enhanced Shape-shifting, Enhanced Psychological manipulation, Enhanced Telekinesis

Power Level Unknown
Weapons Unknown
Unique Trait Unknown
Goal Unknown
First Appearance The Lightning Strikes
Voice Actor Unknown
Seiyū Unknown

As Super DivaEdit

When transformed into her super form, she has the appearance of a bat/succubus-like demon with the power of flight, razor-sharp claws, camoflauge, enhanced swordsmanship, enhanced super strength, enhanced shape-shifting, enhanced psychological manipulation, enhanced telekinesis, laser vision and mouth beams. 
Super Diva (FMA)

Super Diva.

Quotes (Blood+)Edit

  • "You look tasteless!" 

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