Kalibak (カリバク, Karibaku) was the son of Darkseid.  

Vital statistics
Aliases Unknown
Birthplace Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Affiliations Unknown
Alignment Unknown
Species New God
Occupation Unknown
Rank Unknown
Abilities Superhuman strength and durability
Power Level 800,000
Weapons Unknown
Unique Trait Unknown
Goal Unknown
First Appearance Unknown
Voice Actor Michael Dorn (FUNimation Dub & Saban Dub)
Seiyū Toshitsugu Takashina

Quotes (STAS)Edit

Quotes (Manga & 2017)Edit

  • "Why would The Lightning do this to us?"
  • "But...All I ever wanted was to serve him...Faithfully...I may not have been the smartest villain in his arsenal...But...None was ever more loyal...Now it seems it was all a big waste...It's too late for me...But not for you...Father..."