The Lightning Wing is both the base of operations and home of The LightningThe She-LightningLightna, PiggyLightningmodoSkullAgent BishopKingpinDivaBill SykesKent Mansley and all the L-Bots

The Lightning Wing
The Lightning Wing
Vital statistics
Type Headquarters/Vehicle
Level Unknown
Location Unknown
Inhabitants Unknown

As The Super Lightning WingEdit

When Wizlord briefly took over The Lightning Wing after betraying the people who set him free, he transforms it into The Super Lightning Wing and makes it slighlty bigger, completley organic, more fast, more powerful and more durable, as well as changing the main insignia into red six-point star. After Wizlord's death, The Super Lightning was finally turned back into its old self which is named The Lightning Wing. 
The Super Lightning Wing

The Super Lightning Wing.

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