The She-Lightning is the wife of The Lightning, the mother of Lightna and the secondary antagonist of Fullmetal Alchemist: Unlimited. 

The She-Lightning
The She-Lightning
Vital statistics
Aliases Lina Jackson, Mrs. Jackson, Bolt Babe
Birthplace Earth
Date of Birth January 15, 5200 B.C.
Age 3,201
Family The Lightning (husband)

Lightna (daughter)

Affiliations Unknown
Alignment Unknown
Species Demon
Occupation Multiversal Overlady
Rank Multiversal Overlady (as a demon)

Fuhrer's First Lady (as a human)

Abilities Force Lighting, Force Choke, Flight, Lightning Vision, Immortality, Lightning Energy Balls, super-strength, super-speed
Power Level Googol
Weapons Lightning Daggers, Lightningrangs, Lightning Bombs, sword-like claws
Unique Trait Overdone blue jumpsuit and hair-dye
Goal Help her husband in his goals
First Appearance The Lightning Strikes
Voice Actor Helen Mirren (FUNimation Dub & Saban Dub)
Seiyū Miru Hitotsuyanagi

& Hitomi Kuroki

Quotes (Manga & 2017 Anime)Edit

  • "You mark my words, Mansley, that Edward Elric will pay for this one day! I NEVER accept defeat!"